Organizations must continuously analyze the readiness of their workforce to respond to evolving technologies and market changes. Ideally, a learning platform should be capable of helping employees acquire new technological and soft skills while developing and refining current ones, in a timely and efficient manner. That’s where Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) come in – they’re the next-gen learning platform to meet the training demands of the future. Would your organization benefit from an LXP? We’ve created a handy checklist to find out!
LXP checklist to download

What is a Learning Experience Platform?

An LXP is a modernized version of an LMS, which can be easily integrated into your existing learning system. LXPs are an exciting new way to learn and have captured the attention of many forward-thinking L&D departments. These next-gen platforms offer employees a more personalized learning experience with immediate training choices that perfectly match their needs. LXPs can also gather content from internal and external sources to create an interactive learning environment that is both engaging and motivating for employees. Dynamic and user-friendly software makes communication and supervision both easy and effective. Download our checklist to discover the 7 reasons why competitive organizations choose LXPs.

Why is LXP needed today?

Today, LXPs like CrossKnowledge Learning Suite are critical to keeping organizations competitive in an ever-changing environment. An LXP’s capacity to accurately train employees, rate their skills, recommend skills that they lack, improve interdepartmental collaboration, and drive employee interest and engagement takes corporate learning to a new level.

Find out in more detail why LXPs are quickly becoming indispensable in today’s top organizations!
LXP checklist to download