It’s easy to get stuck in a rut at work. Steady job, solid income, safe career ladder—but something isn’t right. It’s time for something new. Even, perhaps, a new you. A reinvention. Recognizing this is easy. But how do you go about making such a drastic change, one driven by your unique passions and talents, not limited by your resume? Personal branding expert Dorie Clark is here to help in our new e-Book. It’s jam-packed with real-world, actionable advice to guide you on the path to a successful reinvention.

Dorie Clark’s reinvention strategy

No stranger to reinvention herself, Dorie Clark has switched careers effectively several times, from journalist to presidential campaign spokesperson, and from nonprofit executive director to marketing strategy consultant and bestselling author. In this new e-book, she’ll show you how to:

  • Think big about your professional goals
  • Take control of your career
  • Build the reputation you want
  • Live the life and career you desire

Dorie Clark’s Professional Reinvention: What’s inside

professional reinvention e-book

Beginning with a brief introduction and biography, the e-Book is divided into 3 parts:

  • Part 1: Make your professional reinvention a success
  • Part 2: Best practices: Dorie Clark’s 10 tips for reinventing you
  • Part 3: How to reinvent yourself within a company

Part 1 examines the reasons for professional reinvention and the background work to do first. Part 2 is a checklist of must-do actions. And Part 3 looks at how to reinvent yourself without switching firms.

Becoming the new you takes work. Where do you start? With this new 10-minute e-Book Make Your Professional Reinvention a Success, Dorie Clark lays out a clear, well-walked path to guide you towards a successful reinvention. Home in on your strengths to develop a compelling personal brand and become a desirable prospect. Let’s get reinventing!

Professional reinvention Dorie Clark e-Book