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Team collaboration is a skill – it’s not always easy to work well with colleagues in the same of office space, and it can get even harder with team-mates working remotely.

However, remote working can bring a lot to team an increase collective performance. Our Faculty member Lisette Sutherland is an expert on remote working.  She’s offering concrete and easy ways to better collaborate with remote teammates.

Check out her video:


Her research shows that work-like freedom contributes to happiness, and that having the ability to work from anywhere can make employees more engaged and more productive. According to Lisette, the basic requirements to start working remotely are a top-notch internet connection, a disposition to use video a lot, and a result-oriented mindset. She suggests we let go of trying to control employees, and rather focus on the end-game. By becoming remote first, organizations can actually unleash their employees’ potential and increase their performance!

To find out more on the risks and benefits of remote working, check out Lisette’s collection with CrossKnowledge.